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Our Master Installation Tech has 30+ years expertise in lift installation, and power chair repair.

Bruno Lifts Display

We stock & install NEW & USED Bruno, TriLift, Pride Mobility scooter & wheelchair lifts.

Bruno Joey with Barrier Kit and Retracting Straps, it's Like new, LIMITED WARRANTY.  MSRP: $3,700.   Pre-owned, now $1,150.

Removed from a Toyota Sienna but we have other mounting kits.    Installation is available here additionally.  Barely had been used at all.

Bruno Joey, 2012 Model.

2012 Bruno Joey, Pre-owned.  Just like new.  $985 plus installation.  6 mo. lim. warranty.  350 lb. capacity, lift a scooter or power chair.  Removed from a 2008 Dodge Grand Caravan.  Mounting kits available for most mini-vans.  Also fits many full size vans with the vehicle specific mounting kit.  Master tech of 30 years Darrel Smith can expertly install it for you or you could take and install it by yourself.

Pride Outlander XL, Scooter or Power Chair Lift

PRIDE OUTLANDER SCOOTER LIFTS, NEW !  35% off IN-STOCK until in stock is exhausted.

NEW with Swing-Away $1,722.50, plus installation.  NEW without Swing-Away $1,332.50, plus Installation.


PRIDE OUTLANDER TM Mini-Scooter Lift !  

Bruno Outsider with Swing Away

NEW Bruno Out-Sider & optional Swing-Away Option >>> 35% off IN-STOCK until stock is exhausted. <<<   3 Retracting Straps hold your scooter or power chairOptional 3" or 6" drop/raise hitch adapter now $71.50.  NEW with Swing-Away $2,138.50, plus installation. NEW without Swing-Away $1,768.00, plus Installation.   

Bruno Curbsider for Pick Up Trucks

Bruno Curbsider for Pick Up Trucks

Bruno Curbsider VSL-6000E, Weatherized for use in Pick Up Trucks

Designed to lift and swing in Power Chairs or Scooters into the bed of Pickup Trucks.  Up to 400 Lb. Capacity.  


Bruno Outsiders - New & Used at great prices !


Harmar AL-600 Lifts and Stows a 350 lb. scooter or power chair or groceries, etc...

Bruno Outside MWD with Hold-Tite and Swing-Away

NEW Bruno Outsider Mid-Wheel Drive Powerchair Lift with Swing-Away and Hold-Tite Arm.  >>> 35% off IN-STOCK until stock is exhausted. <<< Adjustable platform works only for mid-wheel drive chairs with 10" to 14" drive tires.  3 Yr. Bruno Independent Living Aids Warranty.  Optional 3" or 6" drop / raise hitch adapter is $71.50.  With Swing-Away Feature NEW $1,895.   Without Swing-Away Feature, for car use NEW $1,595, plus Installation.

Bruno Curbsider - Weatherized for Pickup Trucks - Pre-owned 2016 Model

Bruno Curbsider - Weatherized for Pickup Trucks - Pre-owned 2016 Model

 Bruno Curbsider VSL-6000E, Weatherized for Pickups.     Like New, has a 400 Lb. Capacity.  Barely used.  Less than 1 year, Has 2 Years Left of the Bruno Factory Warranty.  $2,150.


Bruno Curbsiders - New & Used

Pre-owned Curbsider VSL-6900 400 lb. cap.   Has 3 motors to lift & stow your scooter - In Stock, Serial #: 08090100096.   Was in a 2009 MPV. $1,180 plus installation. 


HARMAR AL-600 used 2011 model with the mounting kit for a '04-'10 Sienna, Only $595.

Installation available here additionally.  Other mounting kits for other vehicles is $375 with purchase of this lift.       Harmar Mobility Serial #230447.      In-Stock & ready to be installed.

Bruno Stow-Away & Bruno Outrider Lift (extended Crew Cab Version), Pre-Owned Available. 

2013 Bruno Stow-Away, 300 lb. cap.  Access seat stows under the truck, lift you up.  Pre-owned, ON WORKING DISPLAY HERE. Driver's side: $3,330, plus installation.   

2014 Bruno Outrider Extended Model, 100 lb. cap.  Lift a wheelchair or scooter.  Pre-owned.    >>>OUTRIDER JUST SOLD <<< 

Left Side
Bruno Back Saver

Bruno Back-Saver™  Electrically Lift and stow a folding manual wheelchair with Bruno’s Back-Saver.   Roll the wheelchair onto the platform, touch the button, and the wheelchair will be raised into place and automatically secured for travel.  Pre-owned, only once: $495, warranty !

Pride Backpacker Plus, barely was used 2007 model, was in 2007 Chevy Uplander.    $500.    Installation available hereadditionally.  Other mounting kits available for $275 for this lift.   Pride Mobility Serial #E1311707123JM0.  Xln't.   In-Stock & ready to install.  Stock photo used.

Bruno VSL-900.jpg

Lifts & Stows a scooter or power chair into the side door of a van or some mini-vans.  Pre-owned and works well. $350

Darrel Smith - Service Manager 30 years

Master Mobility Technician "Darrel Smith", installing and repairing lifts for 30+ years !

Also master of power & manual wheelchairs and scooters, Bruno Valet Seats, VMI vans.


TriLift lifts with up to 450 lb. capacity available.

Used & New lifts In-Stock---  Ask us how much it is for your application !

Trilift Ultralite

TriLift UltraLite, platform free, Pre-Owned lifts from $795.  Has a 140 lb. capacity.

Lots less view obstruction.  Fast & easy to use. Add a Tilt-Away to it that has a spring assist to easily tilt the lift toward the ground to enable opening your back door.   No more platform lift that requires a 5' space beside your vehicle for a swing-away device to be used.

Trilift Classic - 450 lb. cap.

TriLift Classic, platform free, Pre-Owned lift from $1,195.  Has a 250 lb. lifting capacity. 

Lots less view obstruction than a platform lift.  Fast and so easy to use.    Add a Tilt-Away that has a spring assist to easily tilt the lift toward the ground to enable opening your back door.  

No more platform lift that requires a 5' space beside your vehicle for a swing-away device and blocks so much of your rear view. 

TriLift with up to 450 lb. capacity available. MORE CAPACITY THAN PLATFORM LIFTS


Fits GMC Safari & Chevy Astro  - Barely used !
Model: UL2400   It's not here, but is available.
Stationary Frame Width - 37"
Lift Height - 47"-57"
Folded Installation Depth - 11.5"
Usable Platform Width - 26"
Usable Platform Length - 36"
Stepwell Floor To Ground Travel - NA
Flat Floor To Ground Travel - 24"
Traveling Frame Width - 31"
Clear Entry Height - 44"-54"
Folded Floor To End Of Platform - 41"
Base Plate Width - 33.5"

Just $995