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Freedom Ryder Superbike


This bike's barely been used, is ready to go !  BRAND NEW Front tire, near new rear tires.


Call us for delivery or shipping options.

Nuprodx MultiCHAIR 6000 TILT - The Best Bathtub Transfer System Made.    Just like new !

This innovative Tilt-in-Space system utilizes a Center-of-Mass design to centralize the user’s weight through the entire tilt range, allowing a more compact base to fit in small tubs other systems can’t.  The side-mounted tilt crank operates with a light, low-effort, even with heavier users*.  Best-of-all, the MULTICHAIR 6000Tilt eliminates risky bathroom transfers, is a cost-effective alternative to installing a roll-in shower. 


  • Unique Tilt-in-Space system controlled by hand crank for easy caregiver / user adjustment of tilt angle of up to 30°.

  • Crank lever can be located for left- and right-hand bathroom installations

  • Locking connector bridge self-aligns and is easily removed for shower curtain closure and improved caregiver access.

  • Self-skinning padded cushions with 1/2” waterfall-style foam ring around the commode opening / slot help protect the ischial / coccyx areas to reduce risk of pressure sores.

  • Adjustable padded headrest.

  • Cantilever fold-back / locking padded chair arms.

  • Seat height adjusts from 24-1/2” to 27-1/2”

  • (easily fits over the highest toilets required by the ADA).

  • Swing-away / removable push handles.

  • Adjustable padded calf support.

  • Adjustable swing-away footrests.

  • Four 5” casters with total-lock brakes.

  • Won't rust or corrode—constructed of world's finest aircraft grade aluminum, brass, stainless steel and plastic.


  • Approximate weight: 66 pounds. Weight capacity: 300 pounds.

  • Brand new cost $4,995.

  • IT'S PERFECT ! Pick-up, Delivery, Crated UPS shipping available. JUST SOLD !!!


An injured central nervous system leads to severe limitations and suffering for those affected. Often, this is still made out to be an immutable situation.  The successes of GIGER MD® therapy prove that there are ways to restore an injured central nervous system and thus recover long-lost functions and hence one’s own independence to a certain extent. With the aid of regular therapy sessions, the brain can be trained to embrace new movement patterns.

Harmonious movements of the whole body with the help of advanced therapeutic tools are the key to this.  With the aid of GIGER MD® therapy, patients will benefit from:  A completely pain-free treatment, Relaxation without medication, Immediate relief from pain.  The GIGER MD® treatment method is successfully used in case of Parkinson’s, Cerebral Palsy, Spina Bifida, Brain Injury, Stroke, Paraplegia, Quadriplegia, Multiple Sclerosis, Osteoarthritis, Arthritis, Arthrogryposis, Joint and Back Problems, Circulatory Disorders...

CEREBRAL PALSY: The treatment of cerebral palsy with the GIGER MD® Therapy has a great chance to improve neurological impairments and more !     SPINA BIFIDA: The effects of Spina Bifida can lead to impairment to gait and damage to the central nervous system (CNS) which can be treated very successfully with the GIGER MD® Therapy.    PARAPLEGIC, TETRAPLEGIC: People affected by a spinal cord injury are impaired in motor or sensory functions. With the GIGER MD® Therapy both functions have a great chance to be improved or regained !   PARKINSON’S:  The treatment of Parkinson’s Disease with the GIGER MD medical device supports the patient by achieving a re-organization of the central nervous system (CNS).
This may lead to the restoration of affected functions and even lost functions can be regained ! 


Easy Stand 5000 raised

Never had been used, purchased and stored.   DELIVERY / CRATED SHIPPING AVAILABLE

Easy Stand 5000 lowered

   Easy Stand 5000 standing frames are a supportive sit-to-stand patient stander that's designed to meet the needs of a variety of people for healthful purpose... EasyStand is the markets most popular medical standing frames for home and institutional use.  SOLD !

INVACARE RELIANT POWER 450 PATIENT LIFT 450 lb. cap. Small casters get under low beds.

Pre-owned but was never used.  Photo with person is for display purposes only.  Scale is not included.  450 pound lifting capacity.  Comes with 2 Battery Packs (fresh batteries included), Charger with wall mount, 2 Slings.  Barely been used, come see it.     JUST SOLD !!!


Flexiciser Pro 600


for use by Professional / Clinical Facilities - Meets the needs of many more users

Unlike the powder coated home model, FLEXICISER PRO 600  is also much more adjustable.

Offers Passive & Active adjustable speed & arms, Velcro foot straps,  wheelchair accessible premiere exercise machine.  America's favorite.  

Product Detail:  The PMTD Pro is ideal for any professional or commercial setting. The stainless steel makes this beautiful piece or equipment highly durable and bacteria resistant. Has Quick-release push pins and FlexiWrenches offer an easy height adjustability of the frame and handlebars; made to accommodate nearly all body types (perfect for children and adolescences) and wheelchairs. The PMTD Pro technology provides passive, active, and resistive movement therapy for your upper and lower extremities simultaneously.

Key features:   2 sets of Handlebars both made of stainless steel .  A short set, and a long set.
Passive Mode: Motor assisted only.  Active Mode: Ability to override the motor by manually moving the handlebars at a rate faster than that of the motor.  Resistive Mode: Resisting the motor by pushing the opposite way of the handlebar.  Easy to use Analog Controls.  No Transfer.
Accommodating to 95% of all power and manual wheelchairs.  Footprint: 3'W x 4' L x 8" high (without handlebars attached).  Vertical pedal height adjustment up to 8".  Bacteria Resistant Stainless Steel design.  FDA & UL Approved, US & International Patents.  1/4 HP DC 0-90V motor.

Here in our showroom.  Can crate and ship it UPS Ground for a very reasonable rate.  Free Local delivery.  Possible west coast personal delivery.  Pre-owned.  Looks and Works great.   



WALKERS Pre-owned from $35 and up.  Different widths, they all fold, all lightweight aluminum, all have adjustable heights, some with wheels, some double wheels, some heavy duty, bariatric.

Lumex Heavy Duty 600 lb. cap. 20" wide.  Has adjustable height legs.  Never used. $125

Drive 21" wide walker, never used.     It has adjustable height legs.  Never used.   SOLD


Commode Chair - NEW, It's ONLY $75 !  100% of Funds to be donated to charity !


Pride Stylus Luxury Wheelchair.    17.5" wide x 16" deep seat.  Height Adjustable Desk length armrests flip back for easy transfers.  Solid soft tires, removable swing away legrests, flip-up footplates.  BRAND NEW PADDED SEAT & BACK.  Pre-owned.  Clean & Very Nice.  JUST SOLD

Quickie 2 16x16 with clothing guards


Quickie Guardian Shower Commode Chair

Quickie Ultralight Shower Commode Chair Aluminum & composite parts.  Quick release wheels, seat back folds.  NEW:  $350

Invacare Hemi Standard Composite.jpg

Invacare Hemi composite footrests $45@

MK Gel Batteries

Most sizes of scooter & power chair batteries, IN-STOCK

DOLOMITE MAX 55 - 350 lb. Cap.

Dolomite Heavy Duty Rollator Walker w/ seat Dolomite Maxi 55 - 350 lb. cap.  20.5" wide. Only 22lb.  21.75" Floor to seat height. Heavy Duty Rollator Walker, like new !!!  Wheelie bar down low to kick it up over a curb. 8" Wheels.
Folds up Easily.
  Like new !    $125

Invacare Walker with Forearm Troughs:  NEW, BLOW-OUT PRICED:  SOLD

Invacare Tracer EX2.  20" wide x 16" deep seat.  Desk length removable armrests for easy transfers.  Solid tires, removable swing away legrests, flip-up metal footplates.  Pre-owned.  Clean, just serviced.  Good shape.   SOLD           (elevating legrests additional)

Invacare Tracer EX2.  18" wide x 16" deep seat.  Desk length removable armrests for easy transfers.  Solid tires, removable swing away legrests, flip-up metal footplates.  Pre-owned.Clean.  Just serviced.  Great shape.     SOLD          (elevating legrests available additional)



QUICKIE 2 16"x16"seat, Quick Release wheels.   Folds up, armrests & footrests are adjustable & quick removable.  Hill-Rom Vicair Academy cushion (small triangular airbags help to avoid pressure sores and this design eliminates blowouts).  Pre-owned, Great condition.  SOLD

Nova Ultralight Transport Wheelchair, 17 LB.

LIKE NEW !  All aluminum. 17 pounds without the removable legrests. Never been used, was sold & stored indoors.  Back Folds down, Entire Chair folds in half. Legs remove easily.  SOLD


BATTERY CHARGERS: 2, 3, 5, 7, 8 amps.  NEW IN-STOCK.  Some used ones too.

We have dozens of used and some new footrests, footplates, tires, chargers, batteries